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Life Coaching is a modern technique that helps people to improve their lives using talking therapy to develop strategies to move forward. Maybe you have problems developing relationships, meeting new people or handling the work environment? Life coaching may help in these areas and beyond.  

  • Develop relationships

  • With meeting new people

  • Improve happiness

  • With work situations

  • With confidence

Life Coaching is a partnership between coach and client. It's about listening, not judging and developing strategies to move forward at the right pace for you. It's about making improvements in your life and making you happier.

Life Coaching may help:

What is Life Coaching?

As well as Life Coaching, Clear Future Therapies, based near Colchester, provide Neuro Linguistic Programming. This is an exciting, modern technique that helps build positive habits using the repetition of behaviour patterns. Does this sound interesting? Call our qualified therapist on 01255 319 411 to find out more.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

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