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Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, was developed in California during the 1970s. It connects brain processes, language and behaviour patterns to try and create positive habits to help individuals achieve specific goals. Does this sound like a therapy that might assist you? Then why not give us a call today on 01255 319 411?

  • Negotiation

  • Managing people/ourselves

  • Sport (playing/coaching)

  • Teaching

  • Public speaking/appearances

  • Team building

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Neuro Linguistic Programming is a painless technique that may help you achieve goals, whether those are in the workplace, in your general life or on the sports field. We are based near to Weeley Heath, so call today on 01255 319 411 for more information.

Areas where NLP may help:

Why choose NLP?

As well as our therapy services, our sensitive and discreet therapist at Clear Future Therapies sell a range of health and wellness products produced by Forever Living. These include nutritional supplements and personal care products.

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